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  • Not only are we equipped to take care of your teeth;Kailas is proud to intro- duce you to its latest addition‘THE KAIIAS DIABETIC CENTRE‘which is situated in the same premise with the most technologically advanced equipments which are used for early detection of diabetic complications.We also have engaged the best diabetologists in this field to take care of your needs. People who have diabetes know the disease can harm the eyes (retinopathyl.nerves (neuropathy),heart(cardiomyopathy),kidneys(nephropathy) other systems in our body.The Kailas diabetic centre houses a series of equipments mentioned below to help treat and prevent these problems even before they are clinically present.


    This equipment is used to determine the areas prone for ulceration (In case of diabetic foot).


    it is a useful non-invasive tool for the detection of subclinical neuropathy.

    Ankle Branchial Index Measuring System

    1.ABl- it is the ratio of the blood pressure in the lower legs to the blood pressure in the an11s. if the pressure in the leg is less compared to that of the amt; it indicates blocked arteries.

    2.This system is a simple and cost effective way of identifying presence of lower extremity pheripheral arterial disease.

    3.In a symptomatic patient — to diagnose peripheral arterial diseases (PAD)

    4.In a asymptomatic patient - to asses vascular risk for PAD.

    So diabetic patients with dental problems:we assure you;can walk into our clinic with complete confidence as we can take care your dental problems with the expert opinion and guidance of our dlabetologists from our newly established diabetic centre.So leave your problems to us and let us join hands to fight against diabetes!


    Dr. C. Joseph Babu MBBS, MD, PGDMLE, CCEBDM ( Consultant in Int. Medicine 8: Diabetology)

    MBBS from Armed Forces Medical College Pune, MD from Govt./ Grant Medical College Mumbai, worked as a lecture in CME Vellore, was working as chief physician in Amala Cancer Centre Trissure (now Amala Medical College). Had been working as Chief Physician and diabetologist in Bishop Benziger Hospital Kollam for the last 15 years till 2012

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